Faster-Than-Light-Dance-Company (FTL) offered from 1992 - 2022 dance projects and performances for teenagers and young adults aged 15 to 25 where both audience and dancers are encouraged to become involved in contemporary dance.

New members were always welcomed. FTL’s projects were designed to suit both beginners and advanced dancers. Technique and basic knowledge of dance were taught during classes in a way easy to understand. It was FTL’s policy that all projects are free of charge!


  • welcomed teenagers and young adults interested in dancing
  • taught basic dance skills to everybody - regardless of ability
  • offered performances on a professional level
  • encouraged and supported participants wishing to apply for dance auditions

Founded in 1992 the company had worked with hundreds of dancers in dozens of different productions until the year 2022. FTL presented up to four new productions each year, including special projects during the holidays. The company aimed to encourage understanding and enjoyment of dance regardless of ability or experience.

Through the FTL, many young people have found it easier to express themselves through dance than through words. By offering projects for dancers from all over the world FTL aimed to break down barriers of nationality, culture, religion, sex and race. It was FTL’s main aim to provide an enjoyable and fulfilling experience through dance and movement!

FTL offered

  • performances of contemporary dance
  • community dance for all
  • workshops for all abilities and ages from 15-25
  • projects just for male dancers



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